Reflective Diamond Plate Overlays NFPA (Sold By the Square Foot)

Reflective Diamond Plate Overlays NFPA (Sold By the Square Foot)
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Price $18.00

Quantity 1 = 1 Square Foot Coverage (36 overlays)

Diamond Plate Overlay Panels - NFPA 1901 1917

  • Create Chevron Stripes on Diamond Plate 4 times faster than with dots.
  • Cover 25% more area.
  • 25% brighter than dots.
  • Designed to line up straight for a professional look.
  • Email us at for a "free sample".
  • Click Here to see our Youtube video of the overlay panels.
  • This Video shows how bright the overlays are at night.
  • This Video shows the diamond plate being pressure washed.  The reflective shapes hold up fine but it is recommended that you used caution when power washing and stay back a couple of feet.
  • To read our article on  how to estimate the number of shapes you will need for your diamond plate click here.


Note - Overlays are sold by the square foot.  For example, if you needed 10 square feet of red and 10 square feet of lime you would put 10 in the quantity box, select red and hit add to cart. Then do the same with the lime.

Use our custom cut Reflective Overlay Squares to create Chevrons on Diamond Tread Plate.  Diamond plate overlay squares are computer cut for an accurate fit. The unique design helps to facilitate easy alignment. Applies very quickly. You can cover 4 flat spots at one time.  This means you can create chevron stripes in 1/4 the time it would take if you used dots or squares. Also, the squares cover 25% more area than dots or squares. This creates an NFPA 1901 compliant chevron stripe that is 25% brighter than one made with dots or squares.

Available in Red or Fluorescent Lime Yellow prismatic sheeting. This is Reflexite's new V98 film which is conformable and repositionable.  This means you can remove the decal and put it back.  After 24 hours the decal is set and will continue to build adhesion over time.  I have included several pictures of the product.  We leave the removable center diamond in the decal.  When you apply the square it lifts up and stays on the diamond tread.  You can leave it on or pull it off to expose the treads.  If you leave it on remember to be careful when washing the vehicle as that small piece will sit higher than the main part of the decal.

Select the color you would like using the drop down menu below.  Then input how many sets of 10 decals you need.  To get both colors just add the first color to your cart and then come back and order the second color.  Overlays are sold in multiples of 10 so if you needed 100 you would enter 10 below. 

To calculate coverage measure your diamond plate in square feet.  For example, 12" x 12" would be 1 square foot of area.  Each sheet you order gives you 1 square foot of coverage. Enter the number of sheets in the box above and choose the color you want and then hit "add to cart".

To read our article on  how to estimate the number of shapes you will need for your diamond plate click here.

1 Square Foot Coverage - Red Overlays - $5.00 

1 Square Foot Coverage - Fluorescent Lime Yellow Overlays - $5.00